Flash Fiction

Some of my published flash fiction:

Attention Whores
Comedy is Hard
The Cost of Doing Nothing
Crossing the Streams: A Universal Traveler’s Guide to Public Urinal Etiquette
Danger Close
Deserve Neither
Don’t Let the Door Hit You
End of the Line
Entropy Takes a Wife
Exit Stage
First Person
Free Sample
Full Stop
Got a Minute?
Gunfight Over an 8-Bit Rhythm Two-Step Skank at the O.K. Corral
Hollywood Goddess
How to Attract the Attention of the FBI
In Ur Tubez
I See What You’re Saying
It’s the Beer Talking
Jack of No Trade
Last Call for Alcohol
Last Lap
A Little Off
Loss Leader
Make Room
Oh My
Oh! The Places You’ll Go with Google Maps and Drugs!
Omaha Beach Blanket Party
Partial List of the Saved
Playing God
A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears
Role Playas
Socially Acceptable
Three Salesmen in Defense of Neoteny
Until Death
Ups and Downs
Zuihitsu in a Field of Stars